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We are No longer Accepting orders.
A new store will be opening August/September 2023.

We're your one stop scale model train shop!

HO Scale Products

Central Hobbies carries a complete selection of HO scale model railway products.

Train Sets

We carry train sets from Walthers, Bachamann and some Thomas Sets.

Most train sets are complete with Locomotive, cars, track and a power pack.


We carry locomotives models from:

  • Atlas GP40, RS1, . . . These models are limited runs. The supply will be best when the model is released. Advance reservations are usually taken for these models.
  • Athearn Genesis F Units and other Genesis Series Models.
  • Athearn Locomotives Locomotive kits and assembled. We stock many models in this line.
  • Bachmann several models.
  • Bowser Models Alco C630s, Baldwin Switchers, and more.
  • Broadway Limited Imports Models with sound. Operable on DC and DCC. We stock a few models but usually only bring Broadway Limited Imports models in by special order.
  • Highliners F Unit Kits (A & B) and parts are in short supply.
  • InterMountain InterMountain is now producing HO Scale locomotives.
  • Kato Kato model are limited runs. The supply will be best when the model is released. Advance reservations are usually taken for these models.
  • Rapido Trains ,
  • Scale Trains both Rivet Counter and Operator series,
  • Walthers ,
  • Stewart now Bowser.
Although we do stock some models from the above manufacturers, reservations are suggested for models from any of the above manufactures.

Passenger Cars

We stock a selection of passenger cars from the following manufacturers:

Freight Cars

We stock a large selection of freight car kits from the following manufacturers:

As well we have models from Proto 1000, Bachmann, Con-Cor, Kato, Model Power, Tichy, and others. Other manufacturer items are available on special order.

Narrow Gauge

HOn3 Narrow Gauge - - - - - - - - - -

We stock some HO scale narrow gauge products in HOn3

  • MicroTrains (noted for their N Scale Products) produced a series of cars in HOn3. Micro Trains HOn3 Cars in Stock.
  • Micro-Engineering makes HOn3 flex track and dual gauge track in various codes (70, 55 and some 40).
  • Peco has released Code 70 HOn3 flex track. #5 turnouts are now in stock.
  • Shinohara made HOn3 flex track, HO/HOn3 dual gauge track and single and dual gauge turnouts. As Shinohara has shut down, we have a declingin stock of these products.
  • BlackStone Models (a division of SoundTraxx)
    Box cars, stock cars, flat cars, gondolas (high and low side), some tank cars and passenger coaches are in stock.
    They make an HOn3 track system. Patterned after Kato Unitrack (made by Kato) this clip together track will make it easy to build basic HOn3 layouts.

  • Precison Scale we have a few car kits in stock.

HOn30 Narrow Gauge - - - - - - - - - -

We stock a few HO scale narrow gauge products in HOn30 (HOn2 1/2 or HOe or OO9). More can be ordered.

  • MiniTrainS has released many new HOn30 models, both locomotives and cars.
    All the MiniTrainS products are now on the MiniTrainS Web Page.

  • Peco makes HOn30 industrial flex track and turnouts (12" radius - left, Right and WYE). Available to order.
  • Peco - The new HOn30 mainline code 80 track is in stock. Turnouts to match are now in stock. They also make some interesting OO9 equipment.
    See the HOn30 web page and the Peco web page for more information on these products.
  • Bachmann - Bachmann makes several models in the Thomas the Tank Engine Narrow gauge series.
    See the Bachmann Narrow Gauge web page for more information on these products.

HOm Metre gauge

We stock Peco HOm flex track - $ 11.98 a length. Turnouts are available by special order. This track can also be used for TT.


HO scale track comes in various rail heights.

  • Code 100

    • Code 100 is the standard size of track included with train sets.
    • We stock the complete Atlas code 100 track series and flex track.
    • We stock the Bachmann E-Z Track system in both Grey and Black road bed colours. The black road bed is steel rail. The grey road bed is nickel silver rail. Both can be interchanged.
    • We have Peco flex track and HO/OO Universal switches in Electrofrog and Insulfrog versions. Peco setrack is available on special order.
    • We have some Shinohara turnouts in stock. Shinohara announced that they are closing in 2018, as a result Code 100 products are going away.
    • We Carry Micro Engineering flex track in both weathered and unweathered.
  • Code 83

    • Code 83 is closer in height to modern mainline rail size.
    • When we can obtain stock we stock the complete Atlas code 83 track series and flex track. We stock the complete line of Atlas code 83 True-Track.
    • We stock Walthers turnouts. As shinohara announced that they are closing in 2018, Walthers is picking up the code 83 product line. Walthers code 83 track is made by Shinohara and the new products are DCC friendly. Walthers has announced their new Code 83 track with delivery of the first items Spring 2019. Turnout Types
    • We carry Micro Engineering turnouts and flex track in both weathered and unweathered.
    • We can get the Central Valley turnout kits.
    • We stock the new PECO code 83 track and turnouts. It is a very nice product and made to North American standards.
  • Code 70 and 75

    • Code 70 represents about 100 lb rail.
    • We have some Shinohara turnouts in stock. As Shinohara announced that they are closing in 2018, this product line will dissapear unless some one picks it up.
    • We carry Micro Engineering turnouts and flex track in both weathered and unweathered.
  • Peco has announce a New Code 70 track line build to North American standards. Flex track might be available late 2019 with turnouts due 2020.
    • Peco makes code 75 track and turnouts to British profile. -
    • We stock some Peco code 75 flex track and turnouts. All are available to order.
  • Other Rail Sizes

    • We carry Micro Engineering flex track in code 40. It is available both weathered and unweathered.
      MicroEngineering Code 55 flex track is back in production.

  • Track Scratch Building Supplies

    We carry Micro Engineering rail in all sizes (code 40, 55, 70, 83 and 100), all sizes of Micro Engineering spikes, Pliobond; ties from Mt. Albert.

  • Fast Tracks

    Fast Tracks makes an excellent series of turnout construction jigs. They come with comprehensive instructions. Even a novice at turnout construction can produce a working turnout every time.

  • Switch Machines

    • Atlas makes several switch machines for their own track.
    • We stock most of the varieties of Caboose Industries Ground Throws.
    • We stock Tortoise Slow Motion Switch machines.
    • We stock Cobalt Slow Motion Switch machines.
    • We stock the Walthers switch machines.
    • We have the various flavours of Peco switch machines.
    • Other types of switch machines (including used twin coil) are available from time to time.


We have an extensive selection of building kits from many manufacturers. DPM, Atlas, Walthers,, Walthers, Bachman, Downtown Deco and many others.

Detail and upgrade parts

Central Hobbies has the largest selection of Detail Parts in Western Canada.

We stock the Full lines of

  • CN sig Detail Products
  • Detail Associates
  • Details West
  • Miniatures by Eric
  • We stock some of the Miniatronics line of lights, LED's and lighting units
  • Ngineering - we stock most of the Ngineering line of LEDs, lighting kits and tools.
  • Cannon
  • Hi-Tech Details
  • Tichy
  • Northwest Shortline
  • Kadee (We have the Full coupler and detail parts lines)
  • Kaslo Shops
  • Grandt Line A-Line
  • and others.

We stock some parts from Precision Scale, Plano, InterMountain, American Model Builders Inc. BranchLine, BLMA, and others.

We have a shrinking stock of Athearn shells. We have frames, shells and detail parts for cars and locomotives.

We carry replacement wheel sets from North West Shortline, Kadee and InterMountain (regular and semi scale).


We carry the complete line of Kadee couplers including the new "Whisker Couplers" as well as some of the popular clones. We have the New Scale size Kadee couplers (#58s) and Whisker couplers in stock. For those of you using Horn-Hook couplers we stock Athearn couplers.

Scenery Materials

We carry the full line of Woodland Scenics scenery products as well as the Woodland Scenics SubTerrain System. We stock the Woodland Scenics Premium Tree Line. We have products from Faller, Heki, Peco and others.
The Woodland Scenics  WS Field System Field System is now in the store.
Field System Static Grass Sizes
Height of Grass
Size N-Scale TT Scale HO Scale O Scale
2 mm 12" 9" 7" 4"
4 mm 25" 19" 15" 8"
7 mm 44" 33" 24" 13"
12 mm 75" 57" 41" 23"

We have a few remaining SceniKing Backdrop kits Backdrop Rolls and Kits
Number Description Price Image
One Piece backdrops
X007 Wild Blue Yonder Sale $ 37.49 CDN$
X007 Wild Blue Yonder Sale $ 37.49 CDN$
M024 Fields End Sale $ 37.49 CDN$
M027 Country Line Sale $ 37.49 CDN$
Multi Piece Kits
C025 Prairie Grain Elevator $ 45.95 Cdn$ Image
X001P 4 Pac Kit of Sky with Clouds $ 74.95 Cdn$ Image
X001P 4 Pac Kit of Sky with Clouds $ 99.95 Cdn$ Image

We have a few Walthers backdrops. They are discontuned.


We carry the full line of Kalmbach hobby books as well as books from Atlas and Carstens and others. See the Books pages for partial listings of prototype books.

We carry over 400 railroad related titles. See our book pages for a relatively up to date listing.

Paint and Decals

We have a shrinking selection of railroad colours from TrueLine Trains.
We bring in Model Flex by order.
We carry Tamiya acrylic paints and Tamiya Spray paints.

Tru-Color paints We are bringing in the Tru-Color paints.
We now stock have several Vallejo paint racks.
 Vallejo Model Color Paint  Vallejo Model Color
 Vallejo Model Air Paint Vallejo Model Air
 Vallejo Model Air Paint Surface Primers, Pigments, Model Washes, and Weathering Effects.

We stock the Hunterline weathering stains.

We have an extensive selection of decals from Micro-Scale, Black Cat Publishing, CN sig Decals now BlackCat,


For years Labelle has made the best hobby lubicants.  Labelle Lubricants

Resin Kits

We carry resin kits from

Scratch Builders Supplies


We carry wood from Mt. Albert and Kappler.

Northeastern products are available on special order.

We have the full rack of Midwest Balsa Wood, Basswood and Plywood.


We stock K&S metal shapes (Brass, Copper and Aluminum) in one and three foot lengths, and Special Shapes.
We have the K&S Metric Rack.

Stainless Steel

We stock K&S Stainless Steel metal shapes.


We have the complete Evergreen and Plastruct styrene racks. Other Plastruct items (in styrene or ABS) are available on special order.


From Styrene cement to Super Glues, we carry many types of glues. 'Walthers Goo' is not currently available in Canada but PlioBond is.
Bob Smith Super GluesBob Smith Super Glues.


We have a few 1.5V and 12V bulk lights.
We stock lights from miniatronics
Logo Miniatronics and others.
We have LED products from Miniatronics, TCS, Digitrax, NCE, Ngineering, Evan Designs and others.


A model railroader need tools. Whether it is just an Atlas track saw or a North West Shortline chopper, we stock them all.

We have the complete line of Woodland Scenics Tidy Tracks cleaning products.

Knives, blades, taps, drills, scale rulers, sprue nippers . . . or whatever. We have it or can get it.

Die, Tap & Drill Sizes
Die size: #00-90 #0-80 #1-72 #2-56
Rod Size: .047(3/64) .064 (1/16) .073 .086
Tap Size: #00-90 #0-80 #1-72 #2-56
Tap Drill Size: #61 .055 (#55) #53 #50
Clearance Drill Size: #55 .052 (#52) #48 #43

Foam Working Tools

Hot Wire Foam Factory

We stock foam working tools from Hot Wire Foam Factory.

We also carry the Woodland Scenics Hot wire cutter.

Special Orders

If there is a particular item you are seeking that we don't have in stock, please don't hesitate to ask for it. We will special order most anything. Items in stock at most major distributors can be obtained in a week or two. Out of stock items can be back ordered for delivery when they are produced.
Please note that if the company is outside of the major distribution channels, special orders will take some time. Many companies require minimum orders from stores (a person can often order one item at a time) so it may take a while for us to get a large enough order to send to them. In these cases we will advise you if it is faster to order direct.

Updated August 16, 2022

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