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We are No longer Accepting orders.
A new store will be opening August/September 2023.

We're your one stop scale model train shop!

Mail Orders

Central Hobbies handles mail orders from almost anywhere.
See the following sections for country specific notes.


British Columbia

British Columbian Mail Orders pay 7% PST and 5 % GST.

Non-HST Provinces

Provinces that do not have HST pay only the GST (5%) on orders.

HST Provinces

Unfortunately we must charge the HST in effect on orders shipped to provinces where HST is in effect.


We will ship by mail, CanPar or whatever you desire.


As of january 1, 2019 US Customs and Border Protection rules for clearing shipments into the US have changed greatly. We now ship US orders by Canada Post.
All mail orders shipped to the USA are Tax Free.

Outside of CANADA and the US

International orders are usually mailed. We will use a different shipping method if you prefer and are willing to pay for it but be advised that None of the alternate shipping methods are inexpensive.
We ignore orders from certain parts of the world. If you are contacting us for an order to go to Nigeria (or other similar parts of Africa), Singapore or other parts of the east, we will mark your message as spam and discard it. We realize that this may cost us a legitimate order or two but the Hazards of dealing with certain parts of the world make it better to be safe than sorry.

Please note that due to changes in mailing regulations we can not mail solvent based paint outside of Canada/USA.

Pricing Note

Unless otherwise noted, all prices listed on these WEB Pages are in Canadian dollars. Where a US Dollar price is listed (denoted by a 'USD" after the price), the Canadian price reflects the exchange rate on the day the product was received in the store.

Canadian Price

For imported products the Canadian price is set when we pay for the product. It will not change if the exchange rate changes.

Invoice Currency

As Central Hobbies is a Canadian Company located in British Columbia, Canada, all amounts on our invoices are in Canadian Dollars. Your credit card company will make the conversion to US dollars when they process the transaction. If your credit card company does not do this, please contact them to get this corrected.

Payment Methods

Canadian Orders

For Canadian mail orders Central Hobbies prefers payment by credit card (Visa or Master Card). If you wish to use another payment method, please contact us first to obtain clearance.

US and International Orders

For US and International mail orders Central Hobbies prefers payment by credit card (Visa or Master Card). For orders out of Canada this gives the best exchange rate.

Payment by US$ Cheque. Due to the HIGH service charges we cannot accept US$ cheques drawn on US banks.

Central Hobbies is a Canadian company therefore we deal in Canadian Dollars.

Minimum Credit Card Charge

Due to onerous credit card company policy we reserve the right to decline to accept credit cards for amounts under $ 10.00. We will accept Debit cards for those amounts (different fee structure).

Minimum Order

Central Hobbies usually does not charge a handling fee on mail orders but reserves the right to charge a $ 10.00 handling fee on orders under $ 50.00.

Order Timing

Usually it does not matter when you place an order. However we get very busy the weeks leading up to the train shows we attend, so at those times, order processing may delayed until after the show.

Shipping Charges

For shipping we charge only what the Post Office / Courier company wants. For International (non North American) orders we will pick the lowest of US or Canada Post.

Shipping Damage

Central Hobbies believes in bullet proof packing. Once in a long while a shipment will arrive damaged. Please contact us immediately and we will rectify the problem.

Contact Central Hobbies

You can phone us (1-604-431-0771),
 fax us (1-604-431-9855),
  E Mail us or even use snail mail (address below).

You can call us about Orders on our Toll Free Order Line: 1-888-787-2467.
Please note that this line is for orders only. If you are calling about other matters please use our regular phone line.

Please note that we prefer to receive E-Mail in PLAIN TEXT.
Our Spam and Virus filters have been trapping some messages using all the Outlook (and other programs) fancy options. If you sent us a message using one of those programs and have not received a reply, it may because your message was filtered out. Please try re sending your message in plain text.

When sending us an email it helps to have a good descriptive subject.
When asking about an item please mention the manufacturer.

Updated July 26, 2020

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