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DVDs from various Companies

Central Hobbies carries DVDs from various companies. These are some of them.

1030 Eagle Rock Entertainment
1080 Rail Innovations
1085 British Columbia Railway Historical Society
1091 Donner Rails
1611 RK Publishing
302 Greenfrog Productions
503 Motorbooks International
561 Pentrex
WR White River
785 Woodland Scenics Co

1030 Eagle Rock Entertainment

Description Price in Canadian Dollars
DVD Eagle Rock Entertainment DVDs
EM 35017-9 The South Orient Express - Mexico $14.98 CDN
EM 35019-9 The Rocky Mountaineer - Vancouver to Banff $14.98 CDN
EM 35023-9 The American Orient Express - Los Angeles to Seattle $14.98 CDN
TAAE The Al Andalus Express - Seville to Madrid $14.98 CDN
TBT The Blue Train of South Africa - Pretoria to Post Elizabeth $14.98 CDN
TDL The Train-De-Luxe Rail Safari - Johannesburg to Victoria Falls $14.98 CDN
TROE The Royal Orient Express - Delhi to Rajasthan and Gujarat and return $14.98 CDN


1080 Rail Innovations

Description Price in Canadian Dollars
DVD Rail Innovations DVDs
2816-2 CPR 2816 Part 2 - The Inaugural Run $29.95 CDN
CPR2816 CPR 2816 Dual Pack- Restoration, Inaugural Run $49.98 CDN
GML General Motors Locomotives - Manufacture to Mainline $29.95 CDN
SRR Superior Railroading - CP Rail North of Superior / A Superior Winter $29.95 CDN
TLC The Legendary Canadian $29.95 CDN


561 Pentrex

Description Price in Canadian Dollars
DVD Pentrex DVDs
1522GT 1522 Galloping Through Texas $47.95 CDN
ARC12 American Railroad Collection Vol 1 and Vol 2 $31.95 CDN
ARC12 American Railroad Collection V1 & 2 $40.45 CDN
ATRC Above the Rails Combo DVD - Above So. Cal. Rails and Above 3751 over Cajon $31.95 CDN
BO2 B&O Odyssey Vol. 2 $42.65 CDN
Cajon Cajon Pass - Tehachapi Loop $32.50 CDN
DFS Daylight Freedom Special $47.95 CDN
DRGW Denver & Rio Grande Western $37.98 CDN
FPX Steam Photo Freights & Passenger Extras $40.45 CDN
FXP Steam Photo Freights and Passenger Extras $47.95 CDN
NV040 Train Wrecks Crashes & Disasters $25.55 CDN
PBMAIN Pittsburgh Mainlines $42.75 CDN
PCBB Union Pacific Big Boy Collection $51.15 CDN
PDP1 Pentrex DVD previews Vol. 1 $32.50 CDN
SPECIAL Pentrex Specials $28.35 CDN
SPFA12 Southern Pacific Film Archives Combo DVD $42.75 CDN
TMDA Train Meets $42.75 CDN
VOAD Virginian & Ohio $47.98 CDN
WOTR Workin' on The Railroad $37.98 CDN


785 Woodland Scenics Co

Description Price in Canadian Dollars
DVD Woodland Scenics DVDs
CH1055 Build a Display for Collectible Houses $25.65 CDN
ST1400 SubTerrain - Build a layout Fast and Easy - A How-To Video $32.98 CDN

WR Whiteriver Productions Inc.

Description Price in Canadian Dollars
DVD Whiteriver Productions Inc. DVDs
TOTR Twilight on The Rails - The End of an Era in North America $31.95 CDN
The end BC Rail passenger operations. '/TD>


Updated: August 21, 2018

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