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Products of Note
Here we mention a few products that we think deserve a little more attention.

Books and other Paper Products

A few special books and other printed items.

Publisher Title Image Price
Sundance Articulated Steam Locomotives of North America by Robert A. Le Massena.
Hardcover, signed, numbered # 255, first edition.
Articulated Steam Locomotives of N A $ 150.00
Gazette Publications The Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette - Issue #1 Issue #1 of the Narrow Gauge and
Short Line Gazette $ 50.00
Footprint The Crow and the Kettle by J.F.Garden $ 250.00

Models by Jake

As well as N-Scale Loads, Jake makes HO and N-Scale models of Snow Melters. CNR, CPR and UP models are available.

Manufacturer Part
Description Image Price
MBJ HO-CNR HO Scale CNR Snow Melter  HO Scale CNR Snow melter $ 350.00 Cdn$
MBJ HO-CPR HO Scale CPR Snow Melter  HO Scale CPR Snow melter $ 350.00 Cdn$
MBJ HO-UP HO Scale Union Pacific Snow Melter  HO-Scale CNR Snow melter $ 350.00 Cdn$
MBJ N-CNR N-Scale CNR Snow Melter  N-Scale CNR Snow melter $ 250.00 Cdn$
MBJ N-CPR N-Scale CPR Snow Melter  N-Scale CPR Snow melter $ 250.00 Cdn$
MBJ N-UP N-Scale Union Pacific Snow Melter  N-Scale UP Snow melter $ 250.00 Cdn$

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Updated - July 31, 2019

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