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Product Announcements

This is a partial list of product announcements. It is not a full list. There are too many products coming and not enough time to list all of them. If there is something that you are interested in that you don't see listed please contact us.

Unless otherwise noted items are HO scale. Please note that most of these dates are estimated US arrival dates. Arrival in Canada may be weeks to months later.
Items are removed from this page sometime after they have arrived in the store.

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HO Rapido Trains
Due to the large number of Rapido trains Announcements I have created a separate Rapido Trains Announcements web page.
June 6, 2022

Peco Announced TT-Scale Flex-Track, Medium Radius Turnouts, Track Accessories, Buildings and more.
For future delivery, a 7-Plank Wagon, short radius turnouts and crossings.
More to come.

Other UK manufacturers are announcing TT-Scale products.
HO BlackStone Models
Blackstone models announced sometime ago, two new HOn3 locomotives, a K-28 Mikado and a K-36 Mikado. Available only with DCC and sound, there are five model each in varying herald. Estimated MSRP is $ ???.??9 US$ and is subject to change. Delivery expected in 202?.

The project is delayed until - 202?.

Please see: Blackstone for details.

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