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A new store will be opening August/September 2023.

We're your one stop scale model train shop!

N Scale

Central Hobbies carries a complete selection of N scale model railway products.

Train Sets

We carry train sets from Micro-Trains®, Kato, and Bachmann. Like.

  • Bachmann train sets are complete with Locomotive, cars, track and a power pack.

  • Micro-Trains®, sets include the Locomotive, cars and track. A power pack is extra.

  • Kato sets include the Locomotive, cars and Kato N-Scale Unitrack. For some sets, a power pack is extra.


We carry locomotives models from: Please note that many of these companies only produce limited runs of each model. Reservations are recommended for all of them.

Passenger Cars

We stock a large selection of passenger car kits from the following manufacturers:

Freight Cars

We stock a large selection of freight car kits and Ready-To-Run models from the following manufacturers:


N scale track comes in various rail heights.

  • Code 80

    • Code 80 is the standard size of track included with train sets.
    • We stock the complete Atlas code 80 track series and flex track.
    • We stock the Bachmann E-Z Track system.
    • We have a few Tomix track sets in stock.
    • We have Peco flex track in regular and Concrete ties. We stock switches in Electrofrog and Insulfrog versions.
    • We carry the full line of Kato Unitrack. We have some stock of the older colour product.
  • Code 70

    • We carry Micro Engineering flex track in both weathered and unweathered.
    • We have a very small amount of Shinohara Track in stock.
  • Code 65

    • Atlas has come out with N Scale True Track this new line of track is code 60 and includes an integral road be like Kato UniTrack. Until there is a more complete selection of track pieces we will bring the product in By Special Order only.
  • Code 55

    • We carry Micro Engineering flex track in both weathered and unweathered. This track will handle standard wheel flanges.
    • We carry Peco Streamline flex track and turnouts. This track will handle standard wheel flanges.
    • We stock Atlas Code 55 components. Unfortunately this track will not handle standard Micro-Trains wheel flanges! You have to convert the cars to low profile wheel sets.
  • Code 40

    • We carry Micro Engineering flex track in both weathered and unweathered. Code 40 track will not handle standard wheel flanges.
  • Track Scratch Building Supplies

    We carry Micro Engineering rail in all sizes, spikes, Pliobond, and ties from Micro Engineering. We are a Fast Tracks Dealer We stock a few of their products. Our staff use the FastTracks turnout construction kits.

  • Switch Machines

    • Atlas makes several switch machines for their own track.
    • We stock most of the varieties of Caboose Industries Ground Throws.
    • We stock Tortoise Slow Motion Switch machines.
    • We stock Cobalt Slow Motion Switch machines.
    • we stock the ANEmodel ANEmodel
      Turnout Controls. These use model aircraft solenoids to control the turnouts.
    • We have the various flavours of Peco switch machines.
    • Other types of switch machines (including used twin coil) are available from time to time.


    We have an extensive selection of building kits from many manufacturers. DPM, Atlas, Walthers, and others.

    Detail and Upgrade parts

    Central Hobbies has the largest selection of Detail Parts in Western Canada.

    We stock the Full lines of:,ul>

  • Detail Associates
  • Details West
  • Miniatures by Eric
  • Briggs Models
  • We stock some of the Miniatronics line of lights, LED's and lighting units
  • Athabasca Scale Models,
  • Ngineering - we stock a good selection of their LEDs, lighting kits, tools and other products.
  • Northwest Shortline
  • Micro-Trains® (We have the Full coupler and detail parts lines), and others.
    Vehicles - We have N Scale vehicles from: Viking, Classic metal Works (Mini Metals), GHQ, Athearn, Atlas, Wheels of Time and others.

    We carry replacement wheel sets from Micro-Trains®, North West Shortline, Atlas, Fox Valley, and InterMountain.


    We carry the complete line of Micro-Trains® couplers as well as most of their conversion kits. We have a few couplers from other manufacturers.

    Scenery materials

    We carry the full line of Woodland Scenics scenery products including their SubTerrain System. We have products from Faller, Heki and others.


    We carry the full line of Kalmbach hobby books as well as books from Atlas and Carstens and others. See the book pages: Books for listings of many of the books we carry.

    Paint and Decals

    We have a shrinking selection of railroad colours from TrueLine Trains.

    We stock some Model Flex. All colours are available by order.
    We carry Tamiya acrylic and Enamel paints.
    We are bringing in the True-Color paints.
    We stock several lines of Vallejo paint. Model Color, Model Air, Washes, priners and more.
    We have a declining stock of the Proto-Paint from Rapido Trains.
    We stock the Hunterline weathering stains.

    We have Weatherign Chalks from Monroe Models, and Singles and Kits form PanPastels.

    Resin Kits

    We carry resin kits from Geoff Gooderham ,
    Kaslo Shops (BC Rail protoypes),
    Sylvan Scale Models, and others.

    Scratch Builders Supplies


    We carry wood from Mt. Albert . Kappler and Northeastern products are easily available on special order (one to two week delivery if they are in stock at the distributor).


    K ands S We stock almost all K&S metal products (Brass, Copper and Aluminum) in one and three foot lengths.

    Stainless Steel

    We stock K&S Stainless Steel metal shapes.


    We have the complete Evergreen and Plastruct styrene racks. Other Plastruct items (in styrene or ABS) are available on special order.


    From Styrene glue (in several flavours) to Super Glue, we carry all the modelers needs in glues. 'Walthers Goo' is not currently available to sell in Canada.


    A model railroader need tools. Whether it is just an Atlas track saw or a North West Shortline chopper, we stock them all.

    We have the complete line of Woodland Scenics 'Tidy Track' cleaning products.

    Knives, blades, taps, drills, scale rulers, sprue nippers . . . or whatever. We have it or can get it.

    Foam Working Tools

    Hot Wire Foam Factory

    We stock foam working tools from Hot Wire Foam Factory. As well we have the Woodland Scenics foam cutter.

    Special Orders

    If there is a particular item you are seeking that we don't have in stock, please don't hesitate to ask for it. We will special order most anything. Items in stock at most major distributors can be obtained in a week or two. Out of stock items can be back ordered for delivery when they are produced again.
    Please note that if the company is outside of the major distribution channels, special orders may take some time. Many companies require minimum orders from stores (a person can often order one item at a time) so it may take a while for us to get a large enough order to send to them.

    Updated August 16, 2022.

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