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Central Hobbies stocks many lines of paints. See below for current status of in production and discontinued paint lines.

Importing paint into Canada

Government regulations are making it difficult to import paint into Canada as few of the paint products meet Canadian labeling and packaging Standards.

This impacts all Testors products (Floquil and PolyScale), Scalecoat, SolvaSet, Accupaint, True-Color paint, various paint pens and various glues.

There are three issues: Labeling as to hazardous contents, Labeling as to French, and Packaging. Having obtained a set of the relevant regulations we are working through them to determine what needs to be done.
All paints with hazardous contents need to be labeled with the appropriate symbols. Warnings need to be in English and French. Packaging needs to be child proof.

We are working through the products one at a time to determine what needs to be done. We hope to have paint back in good stock by the new year.


As the developer of Accupaint passed away in 2010 the product line is dead.
This page was current as of the update date. Current price shown. Please call or email to confirm stock status. As Accupaint is a solvent based paint it is not supposed to be mailed.

A new company, "Tru-Color Paint" is bringing out the same line of paint with more colours.

Description Stock
102-1 Stencil white 11 $ 6.99 Can$
102-8 Vermillion 2 $ 6.99 Can$
102-9 Cornell red 2 $ 6.99 Can$
102-13 Reefer Orange 4 $ 6.99 Can$
102-14 Socony Red 2 $ 6.99 Can$
102-17 CN orange 2 $ 6.99 Can$
102-19 CN yellow 10 $ 6.99 Can$
102-20 Medium yellow 5 $ 6.99 Can$
102-22 Imitation gold 6 $ 6.99 Can$
102-28 Forest Green 2 $ 6.99 Can$
102-29 Brewster Green 12 $ 6.99 Can$
102-31 Brunswick green 4 $ 6.99 Can$
102-34 EL maroon 4 $ 6.99 Can$
102-35 Passenger maroon 3 $ 6.99 Can$
102-37 PRR maroon 4 $ 6.99 Can$
102-41 Rich gold 5 $ 6.99 Can$
102-45 NYC Light Gray 3 $ 6.99 Can$
102-46 NYC Dark Gray 3 $ 6.99 Can$
102-51 CP Action Green 5 $ 6.99 Can$
102-53 Deep Red 4 $ 6.99 Can$
102-57 Imitation aluminum 3 $ 6.99 Can$
102-60 Light Imitation Gold 3 $ 6.99 Can$
102-69 ATSF War Bonnet red 5 $ 6.99 Can$
102-74 Chessie blue 2 $ 6.99 Can$
102-75 Southern green 3 $ 6.99 Can$
102-76 Guilford Gray 1 $ 6.99 Can$
102-78 NP dark green 4 $ 6.99 Can$
102-79 NP light green 5 $ 6.99 Can$
102-82 Canadian Pacific New Red 4 $ 6.99 Can$
102-97 Paint retarder 6 $ 6.99 Can$
102-104 Weathering finish 5 $ 6.99 Can$

Notes to the table:
A number indicates how many bottles we had in stock when the paint was inventoried.
'Inventoried - June 17, 2015


The TrueColor paint line is a direct replacement for Accupaint. We had a good souce of supply for this paint line but the Government got in the way. We are looking for a way to legally bring this paint into Canada.


Production of Floquil paints was discontinued in 2014. We have a shrinking supply of Floquil Railroad paints.


Production of the PolyScale Railroad colour paint line was discontinued in 2014. We have a shrinking supply of Poly Scale paint. Some colours (16) we released in the Model Master Line. We have those colours in stock.

TrueLine Trains Paints

When Testors RPM discontinued their line of Ploy Scale paints it also affected the True Trains Railroad paint colours. We have a shrinking stock of these paints.

Color Stock Status
TLT 010001 C.P. Green In Stock
TLT 010002 C.P. Bright Red In Stock
TLT 010003 C.P. Imitation Gold In Stock
TLT 010004 Grey #21 In Stock
TLT 010005 Stencil White In Stock
TLT 010006 C.P. Action Red Sold Out
TLT 010007 C.P. Action Yellow In Stock
TLT 010008 Black In Stock
TLT 010009 Morency Orange #10 In Stock
TLT 010010 Orange/Red #11 In Stock
TLT 010011 Grey #11 In Stock
TLT 010012 Lettering Grey #17 In Stock
TLT 010013 Yellow Imitation Gold In Stock
TLT 010014 Olive Green #11 Sold Out
TLT 010015 Mineral Brown Freight Car Red #11 In Stock
TLT 010016 Warm Black In Stock
TLT 010017 Red Orange #11 In Stock
TLT 010018 Grey #12 In Stock
TLT 010019 Red #12 In Stock
TLT 010020 Orange #12 In Stock
TLT 010021 C.N. (VIA) Blue #18 In Stock
TLT 010022 C.N. (VIA) Yellow #18 In Stock
TLT 010023 C.P.R. Steam Locomotive Grey In Stock
TLT 010024 C.P.R. Diesel Grey In Stock
TLT 010025 C.P.R. Tuscan Maroon In Stock
TLT 010026 C.P.R. Diesel Yellow In Stock
TLT 010027 Flat Glaze In Stock
TLT 010028 Gloss Glaze In Stock
TLT 010029 Weathering Primer In Stock
TLT 010030 P.G.E. Freight Car Red In Stock
TLT 010031 B.C. Rail Yellow In Stock
TLT 010032 B.C. Rail Blue In Stock
TLT 010033 B.C. Rail White In Stock
TLT 010034 B.C. Rail Silver In Stock
TLT 010035 B.C. Rail Red Sold Out
TLT 010036 P.G.E./B.C.R. Light Green In Stock
TLT 010037 P.G.E./B.C.R. Dark Green Sold out
TLT 010099 Paint Thinner In Stock


We are looking into the Vallejo paints, especially the aibrush ready ones. We have been hearing good things about this paint. They are not railroad specific colours but with the extensive line of Vallejo paints, there should be something close enough or close enough to mix.


We are looking into the Proto-Paint by George's Trains. Shipping may increase the landed cost but they look to have a good selection of colours.


We have part of the full Model Flex paint rack system. We are low (or out of stock) of many colours. Please contact us for stock status.


Weaver is shutting down in June 2015 so the ScaleCoat paint line is discontinued. have a very small selection of ScaleCoat colours.

CN-Sig Paint

CN-Sig discontinued this product last year. We have a shrinking supply of this product.

Tamiya Acrylics

The Tamiya Acrylics are very nice paint to work with. While they are not specifically railroad colours (actually Military Colours) there are many useable colours including translucent colours. Supply is good.


We have basic Testors paint rack. Although these are basic model colours they do have the all important 'DullCote'. Supply is good.


We have the basic Humbrol rack. Most colours are in stock. Supply is good.

Other Paint Brands

We stock a few of the Model Masters colours (BC rail Greens). Other colours can be obtained.

We reserve the right to correct errors and change prices without prior notice.
Please note that all prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Price list as of . . . Updated: June 17, 2015

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