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Estate Book Sale

Central Hobbies has one of greater Vancouver's largest selection of railroad books, with an emphasis on local subjects.
This page lists books from an estate.. Please note that all prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Title Publisher Price
Locn Description
James Abbott Ed.
Jane's World Railways 1995-96 Janes $ 200.00
Estate Thirty seventh edition
Don Ball jr.
Portrait of the Rails Galahad $ 19.95
Estate From Steam to Diesel
Don Ball jr.
Railroads Bonanza $ 25.00
Estate An American Journey
Lucius Beebe and Clegg
The Age of Steam Howell-North Books $ 50.00
Burt C. Blanton
400,000 miles by rail Howell-North Books $ 25.00
Bernard G Corbin & W.F.Kerr
Steam locomotives of the Burlington Route Bonanza $ 45.00
Mike Del Vecchio
Railroads Across America MBI $ 34.95
Estate A celebration of 150 years of railroading
John F. Garden
Nicholas Morant's Canadian Pacific Footprint $ 125.00
Estate A collection of Nicholas Morant's CPR Photographs - First edition
John F. Garden
The Crow and the Kettle Footprint $ 69.95
Estate The CPR in Southern British Columbia and Alberta, 1950 - 1989.
Colin Garratt
Steam Trains of The World Exeter $ 25.00
Gold Goldsack Ed.
Jane's World railways and rapid Transit Systems 1979-80 Janes $ 75.00
Hans Halberstadt
Classic Trains Metro Books $ 30.00
Donald J. Heimburger
Trains of America Heimburger House $ 44.95
Estate All-color railroad photography featuring the late steam and early diesel era.
Mark W. Hemphill
Union Pacific - Salt Lake Route Stoddart $ 75.00
Estate The story of the Union Pacific Salt Lake Route
Noel T. Holley
The Milwaukee Electrics Hundman $ 67.45
Estate Second edition.
Noel T. Holley
The Milwaukee Electrics N.J. International $ 100.00
Estate First Edition. Number 7103
Thomas Hornung Ed.
Legendary Trains Dumont Monte $ 25.00
Estate The Great Locomotives of the World Past and Present
Roger M. Ingbretsen
Spectacular Railroad Photography Hundman $ 32.50
Estate A full color guide to Weather and Lighting Conditions
Oliver Jensen
The American Heritage History of Railroads in America McGraw Hill $ 25.00
Sally Kochanek
Along an Open Track North SHore $ 50.00
John T. Labbe and Vernon Goe
Railroads in the Woods Oso Publishing $ 55.95
Estate "A comprehensive look at the men, the machines, and the methods of work during loggings "Glory Days"
John Levett Ed.
Jane's Urban Transport Systems 1982 Janes $ 50.00
Greg McDonnell
Signatures in Steel Stoddart $ 65.00
Estate Canadian Railroading
Bill McKee and George Klassen
Trail of Iron Douglas & McIntyre $ 34.95
Estate CPR and the Birth of the West
William D. Middleton
Metropolitan Railways Indiana $ 75.00
Estate Rapid Transit in America
Dr. Cynthia Priest
The Union Pacific Diesel PRRP Ltd. $ 85.00
Estate Volume 1 - Dieselization - 1959
H. Reid
The Virginian Railway Kalmbach $ 34.95
Estate Softcover
Dale Sanders
The Northern Pacific Hundman $ 99.00
Estate An all Colour Pictorial of the Northern Pacific
Gene Sansone
Evolution of New York City Subways Johns Hopkins $ 75.00
Estate An illustrated history of New York City's Transit Cars, 1867-1997
Charles Sheppard
Railway Stations Todtri $ 25.00
Estate Masterpieces of Architechture
Brian Solomon
Modern Locomotives MBI $ 47.95
Estate High-Horsepower Diesels 1966-2000
David G. Stanley and J.J. Moreau
The Central California Traction Company Signature Press $ 99.98
Estate From Sacramento to Stockton
Robert Tufnell Ed.
The New Illustrated Encyclopedia of Railways Select Editions $ 30.00
Estate Revised and updated by John Westwood
Robert D. Turner
The Thunder of Their Passing - Soft Cover Sono Nis Press $ 49.95
Estate A tribute to the D&RGW and the Cumbres & Toltec
William D. Volkmer
Boston Trolleys in Color Vol 2: Morning Sun $ 77.98
Estate The South Side
John Westwood
The Colourful World of Steam Octopus $ 10.00
Estate Great Trains & Railways
Warren W. Wing
To Tacoma by Trolley PFM $ 55.00
Estate The Puget Sound Elctric Railway - Autographed
M.S.Zak & Paul K. Withers
Pennsy Electric Pictorial Withers $ 75.00
Charles R. Wood
Great Northern Lines West Signature Press $ 74.25
Estate Revised Edition

January 2, 2010

We reserve the right to correct errors and change prices without prior notice. Please note that page updates are done as time permits. Page contents may lag behind store stock.

Please note that all prices are in Canadian Dollars.

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