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NCE (North Coast Engineering) DCC (Digital Command Control)


NCE (North Coast Engineering) manufactures one of the finest lines of Digital Command Control (DCC) products made in the USA.

Central Hobbies is an authorized NCE Dealer. Please drop by the store for a consultation and demonstration.

Central Hobbies also sponsors DCC demonstrations at local train shows.

NCE Consultation
Service and Support for Central Hobbies NCE Customers
Service and Support for NCE Equipment Purchased Elsewhere

NCE Products. Those with Canadian Prices are in Stock
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NCE Systems - NCE Throttles - NCE Interface Panels
NCE Boosters and Command Stations- NCE Decoders 

Product Description Price in
Complete DCC starter sets
Part Number Price
PH-Pro $ 551.98
Powerhouse Pro Starter Set - consists of: Command station, 5A booster, ProCab, manual, cab wire. Requires a power supply.
PH-Pro-R By Order Only
Powerhouse Pro Starter Set - with factory installed radio.  Includes RB01 base station
PH-10 By Order Only
Powerhouse Pro - 10 Amp system w/D408SR decoder
PH-10R By Order Only
Powerhouse Pro - 10 Amp system with factory installed radio
PC - Power Cab DCC Starter System $ 208.95
Basic DCC System. Controls up to four trains. Complete ready to install. Main cab cannot be walk around. Another walk around cab can be added.
System Components
PH-0 $ xxx.xx
Same as PH-PRO but minus 5 Amp booster and decoders
CS02 $ xxx.xx
Powerhouse command station only plus manual, connectors, wires
PH-SYS-BOX $ xxx.xx
Powerhouse Pro main system box (w/booster) only
PB105 $ xxx.xx
5 Amp booster, adds 5 amps additional power to layout
PB110 $ xxx.xx
10 Amp power booster (for large scale only)
Power Supplies
P515 $41.95
Walk around throttles
ProCab $ 215.95
Deluxe Cab, Backlit LCD w/digital encoder, extra features
ProCab-R By Order Only
Deluxe Cab,with factory installed radio
CAB02r $ xxx.xx
Delivery TBA. Engineer cab, speed knob
CAB03r $ xxx.xx
Delivery TBA. Engineer cab, speed buttons
CAB04p $ 98.95 Can$
Intermediate Cab, w/potentiometer speed knob
CAB04pr $ xxx.xx
Cab04p with factory installed radio
CAB04e $ xxx.xx
Intermediate Cab, w/ digital encoder, 2 train control
CAB04er $ xxx.xx
Cab04e with factory installed radio
Duplex Wireless base station (1 needed)
HO and S Scale decoders
N12K0b $ 36.55
N decoder, for Kato N-Scale F3 A&B, F7 A&B and others.
D15SR Est $ 41.95
HO decoder, Silent RunningTM,5 EFX function outputs with 9 pin plug and 9" (225m) harness
D15SRP Est $ 48.95
D15SR with 4" (100mm) harness wired to 8 pin plug
DA-SR Est $ 34.95
HO Plug and Play, Atlas, Kato Athearn Genesis, 4 EFX function outputs
DA-pack $ xx.xx
Four pack of DA-SR decoders
P2K-SR $ xx.xx
Direct plug-in to HO LifeLike GP7,GP9,GP30,SD60, 4 EFX function outputs
ATLS4 $ 32.35
Drop in for Atlas S1/S2/S3/S4 HO locomotives (soldering required)
KRS-SR $ xx.xx
Direct plug in to Kato RS2, Stewart VO-1000, Imtn F7, 4 EFX function
SW9-SR $ 32.35 Can$
Silent RunningTM, 3 EFX, SW8/9/1200 (HO - soldering required)
N-Scale decoders
NIMFT-A $ xx.xx
Drop in decoder for Intermountain N-Scale FT "A" units
NIMFT-B $ xx.xx
Drop in decoder for Intermountain N-Scale FT "B" units
N14SR $ 32.35
N-Scale sized decoder, 4 functions, 1.3 Amps,  1.15" x ;.340" x .12"
N12A0 $ xx.xx
Drop In N-Scale decoder for Atlas GP40-2, U25B, U23B, B23-7, 30-7, 36-7, GP38, SD25, TRAINMASTER, etc. White LEDs
N12A1 $ xx.xx
Drop In N-Scale decoder for Atlas SD50, SD60, SD60M, white LEDs
N12K0a Due Fall
Plug -n- Play Decoder for Kato N-Scale, P42 Genesis, PA-1, E8 and Others, white LEDs
O and G Scale decoders
D408SR $ xx.xx
Silent RunningTM 4 Amp, 7 EFX functions
D808 $ xx.xx
Silent RunningTM, 8 Amp (30 Amp stall) decoder for USA Trains and Charles Ro, 8 EFX+ functions, measures 1.4" x 3.7" x 0.56", more
Atlas-harness $ xx.xx
Connect D408SR to Atlas/Weaver/Lionel locos with "dogbone" light board.  Makes D408SR a Plug-n-Play in these locomotives
Accessory (turnout) decoders
Switch-It $ xx.xx
Accessory decoder for two stall motor switch machines
Switch-Kat $ xx.xx
Accessory decoder to control 1 Kato remote switch
Snap-It $ xx.xx
Accessory decoder to control 1 twin coil machine
AIU01 $ xx.xx
Auxiliary Input Unit
Signal decoders, block detectors and power control
BD20 $ xx.xx
Block detector for DCC, .01 to 20 Amps, recently enhanced
Sig12 $ xx.xx
Signal decoder, controls two signal heads, built-in occupancy detector. Works stand alone, DCC only or combination (also DC).  Supports all types of lighted signals.   Includes SIg-Net interface. Easy install and setup
Sig12+EB $ xx.xx
Due October ?? .Same as SigDet12 plus built in adjustable electronic circuit breaker (3-5 Amps)
EB1 $ xx.xx
Due October 2003. Single adjustable electronic circuit breaker (3-5 Amps) with status LEDs and opto-isolated outputs for block detection and short circuit.
Accessories to help wire your layout
Macro Panel $ xx.xx
soon. Issues Macro and CTC panel commands to signal, accessory (turnout) and auxiliary (lighting) decoders.  29 pushbutton inputs
Indicator panel $ xx.xx
soon. Drives up to 16 LEDs or lamps.  Use to indicate occupancy on a CTC or other control panel.  Includes Sig-Net interface
Auxdec $ xx.xx
soon. Control 16 Lamps, small relays, etc. for scenic lighting or other purposes
Light-It $ xx.xx
 tba. - Layout scenery lighting controller/sequencer.  16 high power outputs
Cab bus wiring aids
UTP $ 23.98
Cab Bus fascia panel RJ12 connectors
UTP-DIN $ xx.xx
Cab Bus panel w/DIN connectors (preferred for clubs)
RJ12-7 Cable $ xx.xx
Seven foot RJ12 cable to connect UTP, UTP_DIN or cab to PH-box etc
Coilcord-RJ $ xx.xx
7 foot coiled cord with RJ12 plugs on both ends
Coilcord-DIN $ xx.xx
7 foot coiled cord with right angle DIN plug
Other stuff
Plug-pack $ 18.19
Ten NMRA 8 pin plugs
 Antenna-HG $ xx.xx
High Gain 1/2 wave antenna for duplex wireless
NCE Systems  NCE Throttles  NCE Interface Panels and Receivers
NCE Boosters and Command Stations  NCE Decoders

If there is no price listed we do not have the product in stock at this time. If there is something you want, please contact us. We will order it for you.

NCE Consultation

If you are considering converting your current layout to NCE DCC or if you are considering building a new layout using NCE DCC, Central Hobbies has a NCE DCC consultation service. We will assist in you configuring a NCE DCC system for your layout. The fee is $25.00 per hour or part thereof. Consultation fees may be credited towards the purchase of a NCE DCC system from Central Hobbies.

Service and Support for Central Hobbies NCE Customers

Central Hobbies' trained staff provide service and support for all NCE products purchased from us. We will help you select the right decoder for your locomotive models. We will arrange for the repair and or replacement of defective or damaged products. If necessary we will arrange for loaner products from our stock. These services are provided free of charge to all Central Hobbies NCE customers.

Service and Support for NCE DCC Equipment Purchased Elsewhere

If the supplier you purchased your NCE products from will not or is incapable of providing Service and Support for you, Central Hobbies will provide Service and Support for a fee. The handling fee will be from $5.00 to $25.00 per item depending on what it is. Loaner items can be supplied for a weekly rental fee. Depending on the circumstances, Central Hobbies may waive the fees.

We reserve the right to correct errors and change prices without prior notice. Please note that page updates are done as time permits. Page contents may lag behind store stock.

Updated May 15, 2010

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