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We're your Greater Vancouver one stop scale model train shop!
2825 Grandview Hwy, Vancouver, B.C., V5M 2E1, Canada - - - Phone 1-604-431-0771, Fax 1-604-431-9855
Orders Only 1-888-7TRAINS (1-888-787-2467)
Canada Day
Central Hobbies will be open short hours on Canada Day, July 1, 2017.
We will be open from 11 AM to 3 PM.
Disk Crash June 7th
As of June 15th, we are back to operating normally.
Still a few minor issues to deal with but not big ones.
We can confirm that we lost e-mails from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday morning, (5th-7th) so if you e-mailed us and have not received a reply please contact us again.
Inventory 2017
The 2017 inventory went very well. We were on our way home at a good time.
Thank you to everybody who helped us.
Thanks to Fred, Fernando, Greg (1), Paul, Tom(1), Francina, Greg(2), Gord, Don, Ed, Gordy, Geoff, Al(2), Colin, Norio, Keith, Neil, Tom(2), Gordon, Dane, Todd, Marc and Ross.
Regrets from Al(1) and Al(3).
Vancouver Train Expo 2017
Central Hobbies will be at: 
VTE Show
The Vancouver Train Expo: Saturday November 11, 2017 and Sunday November 12, 2017 at the PNE Forum.
Train Sets
Train Sets are for all year long, not just Christmas.
Central Hobbies stocks Train Sets all year round.
Some of what we have is stock is on our Train Sets Web Page.
The Mike McGrattan Memorial Train
The Mike McGrattan Memorial Train started its tour on the Central Hobbies Store layout.
For images see Store news
To follow the journey of the Memorial train across N-Scale layouts see the Thread on The Railwire
True Line Trains
True Line Trains has reannounced the SW1200RS project.
All previous part numbers and orders are cancelled.

They are restarting with two CNR Models. Details at: CNR SW1200RS Details.
Reservations are being taken for these models.
Where the new models correspond with the original release, modelers are being contacted to see if they wish to maintain their orders.
New Digitrax Boosters
 Digitrax Logo Digitrax has released three new boosters. These replace the DB150.

 Digitrax 3/5/8 Amp Booster 3/5/8 Amp Booster. Configurable output voltage and auto reverse.

 Digitrax 3/5/8 Amp Opto Isolated Booster 3/5/8 Amp Booster. Configurable output voltage and auto reverse. Opto isolated for common rail layouts.

 Digitrax Dual 3/5/8 Amp Booster Dual 3/5/8 Amp Booster. Configurable output voltage and auto reverse.

All three are boosters with no command station capabilities.
RAPIDO Icons of Canadian Steam
 Icons of Canadian Steam
Rapido has announced a multi year series of Canadian Steam Locomotives. Details at: Rapido Trains Announcements Web Page and Rapido Locomotives - Hudsons
RAPIDO CPR Royal Hudson Announcements
The first release in Rapidos "Icons of Canadian Steam" release is the CPR Royal Hudson.
Details as to road numbers and model specific details at: Rapido Trains Announcements Web Page and Rapido Locomotives - Hudsons
We are taking reservations for these models now.
Delivery for these models is delayed to 2018.
RAPIDO TRAINS Announcements
Due to the large number of Rapido trains Announcements we now have a separate Rapido Trains Announcements Web Page.
RAPIDO TRAINS HO New Announcements
Rapido Trains has announced HO-Scale: GMD-1 Rebuilds - 1600, 1400 and 1430-1444 Series.,
Amtrak Baggage Car F40s ,
Amtrak Modernized F40PH ,

See Rapido Trains Announcements Web Page for more information.
Parking is available at the West end of the building and behind the building. You may use spots 1 through 20.
If you do not want to drive in Vancouver traffic don't forget you can get here easily by Skytrain.

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