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Central Hobbies has one of greater Vancouver's largest selection of railroad books, with an emphasis on local subjects.
If there is a book you are interested in and do not see it listed here please give us a phone call or send us an E-Mail. Please note that all prices are in Canadian Dollars.

During our recent move all the book sections were completely disorganized. We are in the process of organizing this area. Unitl we are finished this organization, the book listings will not be complete.

Author Index by Initial of Last Name

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Authors - E
Title Publisher Price
Locn Description
David Eatwell
Today's Steam on the Sugar Lines of Cuba BRMNA $ 15.00
16 A selection of photographs with full captions
A Treasury of Model Railroad Photos Kalmbach $ 23.75
15 Dave Frary - Malcolm Furlow - John Olson - Paul Scoles
Basic Model Railroad Track Plans Kalmbach $ 17.99
KR Small starter layouts you can build
Basic Model Railroading Kalmbach $ 18.85
KR Getting started in the Hobby
Canadian Rail Passenger Review Number 1 Douglas Smith $ 23.95
11 Review of Canadian 1996 and 1997 passenger service.
Classic Railroads You Can Model Kalmbach $ 25.69
15 A compilation of the best plans from Railroads You Can Model and More Railroads You Can Model.
Diesel Detailing Projects Kalmbach $ 14.95
18 Prototype modeling in HO scale
Garden Railroading Kalmbach $ 27.55
KR Getting Started in the Hobby
HO Trackside Industries You Can Build Kalmbach $ 14.95
20 MR Handbook no. 40
Modeling the '50s - The Glory Years of Rail - Kalmbach $ 20.55
KL How-to projects, track plans and more.
Narrow Gauge Pictorial - Volume II Grandt $ 41.59
3 Passenger Cars of the D&RGW
Narrow Gauge Pictorial - Volume III Grandt $ 43.98
3 Gondolas, Box Cars and Flat Cars of the D&RGW
Narrow Gauge Pictorial - Volume IV Grandt $ 35.15
3 Refrigerator Cars, Stock Cars and Tank Cars of the D&RGW
Narrow Gauge Pictorial - Volume V R. Robb $ 34.99
3 Cabooses of the D&RGW
Narrow Gauge Pictorial - Volume XI Grandt $ 39.95
3 Locomotives of the D&RGW
Second Avenue EL in Manhattan N.J. International $ 41.35
12 Pictures and commentary of the Second Avenue EL in New York.
The Grande Mountains Grandt $ 41.98
3 The Standard gauge 4-8-2s of the Denver and Rio Grande Western
The New Scenery Tips & Techniques Kalmbach $ 20.98
KR Projects and ideas that bring your layout to life.
The Royal Hudson Travel $ 7.99
12 and the story of railroading in British Columbia
Trackwork and Line Side Detail for Your Model Railroad Kalmbach $ 21.98
Train Shed Cyclopedia # 33 Gregg $ 6.20
13 Buildings and Structures of American Railroads, 1893 Part 5
Harold A. Edmonson
Journey to Amtrak Kalmbach $ 19.99
8 The year history rode the passenger train. Used.
Brian A. Elchlepp
British Columbia Railway to BCRail Monte Vista $ 76.95
11 June 1984 through December 1987
Kevin EuDaly
Missouri Pacific Diesel Power White River $ 83.95
4 Missouri Pacific Diesel Power
Kevin EuDaly
Santa Fe Rails - Volume 1 White River $ 45.99
3 1996 Guide to Santa Fe

Authors - F
Title Publisher Price
Locn Description
Michael R. Farrell
The History of Baltimore Street Cars Farrell $ 68.95
8 .
Paul Faulk
Atlantic Coast Line Color Guide Morning Sun Books $ 68.69
14 To freight and passenger equipment
Mallory Hope Ferrell
The South Park Line Hundman $ 121.45
10 The first 25 years of operation of the South Park Line
Don Fiehmann
The DCC Guide Kalmbach $ 20.98
KL How to select and use your command control system.
Ian S. Fischer
PRR Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment - Volume 3 Morning Sun Books $ 95.95
14 Volume 3
Wentworth Folkins and M. Bradley
The Great Days of Canadian Steam Hounslow $ 24.99
12 A Wentworth Folkins Portfolio
Wesley Fox
Overland to the Rockies Fox Publications $ 8.97
16 Transcontinental railroads - Soft cover
Wesley Fox
Southern Pacific across the Southwest Fox Publications $ 21.98
2 Covers modern operations from Tucumcari, NM to West Crofton, CA.
Wesley Fox
Southern Pacific in The West - - Part 1 Fox Publications $ 24.98
2 The Hard Road to Promontory
Wesley Fox
Union Pacific - Cheyenne West - Part 1 Fox Publications $ 39.99
2 A pictorial on the UP main line west from Cheyenne.
Fred W. Frailey
Twilight of the Great Trains Kalmbach $ 49.95
2 The twilight of passenger service.
Dave Frary
222 Tips for Building Model Railroad Structures Kalmbach $ 6.99
15 Proven Techniques for improving kits.
Dave Frary
How to Build Realistic Model Railroad Scenery Kalmbach $ 26.25
KR 3rd Edition
Jim Fredrickson
Railscapes WSU Press $ 59.95
12 A Northern Pacific Brasspounder's Album - Hard Cover
Dean Freytag
The Cyclopedia of Industrial Modeling Freytag $ 43.98
12 Steel Mills
Rutger Friberg
Model Railroad Electronics 04 Allt Om $ 29.95
12 More projects
Ed Fulcomer
Colorado & Southern - Southern Division - Color Pictorial Four Ways West $ 69.98
9 A color guide to the southern division of the Colorado & Southern.

Authors - G
Title Publisher Price
Locn Description
John F. Garden
Nicholas Morant's Canadian Pacific Footprint $ 89.95
10 A collection of Nicholas Morant's CPR Photographs - Second edition
John F. Garden
The Palliser Triangle Footprint $ 59.95
2 A Tale of the Canadian Grasslands
Christopher C.N. Geenlaw
Via Rail Voyager $ 37.95
11 MBI Color History
John Glaab
The Brown Book of Brass Locomotives Krause $ 13.95
8 2nd Edition. Used.
Steve Glishinski
Santa Fe Railway Voyager $ 27.98
11 Railroad color history
Sean Graham-White
Electro-Motive Division's Classic Cowl Units Four Ways West $ 75.50
9 A Color Pictorial
Mervyn T. 'Mike' Green
Industrial Locomotives CRHA $ 14.95
15 A catalogue of Industrial Locomotives and Short Lines of British Columbia and Yukon Territory
Richard Green
The Northern Pacific Railway of McGee and Nixon NWSL $ 79.89
2 Classic photographs of Northern Pacific equipment and environment during the 1930- 1955
Richard Green
The Pacific Northwest Railroads of McGee and Nixon NWSL $ 92.35
2 Pictures from McGee and Nixon
Greenberg Pocket Guide to M.T.H. Trains Kalmbach $ 15.35
19 2001 Edition
Greenbergs Pocket Price Guide to Lionel Trains 2002 Kalmbach $ 20.45
12 2002 Pocket Price Guide
Ross and John Grenard and Krause
The Overland Route Carstens $ 12.00
8 Union Pacific Railroad
J. Machael Gruber
Diesels of the Milwaukee Road Vol 2 Withers $ 60.99

Authors - H
Title Publisher Price
Locn Description
Rev E Hamer
Locomotives of Zimbabwe and Botswana Stenvalls $ 46.95
4 A locomotive pictorial
Keith Hansen
The Northern Alberta Railways Hansen $ 86.95
10 North from Edmonton - Signed
John R. Hardy
Canadian Rail Travel Self $ 49.95
4 A photographic record of passenger train journeys 1964-1991
John Henderson
Four Great Divisions H & M Publications $ 29.70
16 NYC's Hudson, NP-BN's Rocky Mtn., Erie-Lackawanna's NY & Scranton - Divisions
Richard H. & Edward Hendrickson and Kaminiski
Billboard Refrigerator Cars Signature Press $ 65.99
8 A B&W Pictorial study of Bilboard reefers.
Tim Hensley
Steam Steel & Stars - America's Last Steam Railroad Abrams $ 24.95
10 Photos by O.Winston Link - Second Hand
David H. Hickcox
GN Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment Morning Sun Books $ 54.98
David H. Hickcox
Great Northern Steam and Electric in Color Morning Sun Books $ 60.49
14 A color pictorial of Great Northern Steam and Electric Locomotives.
Ronald C. Hill
Colorful Colorado Railroads in the 1990s CRM $ 59.95
2 Color pictorial on 1990's Colorado railroading
Ronald C. Hill
Mountain Mainlines of the West CRM $ 17.50
2 Pictures of western transcontinental railroads
Brian Hoey
The Royal Train - The inside story. Haynes $ 45.19
10 The British Royal Train
Don L. Hofsommer
The Hook & Eye U if Minn. $ 42.95
5 A History of The Iowa Central Railway
Alfred J.J. Holck
Burlington Route - Color Pictorial - Volume 2 Four-Ways-West $ 77.50
9 Volume 2
Kevin J. Holland
Rails to the Border - Volume 1 BRMNA $ 15.00
16 The New York Central, Chesapeake & Ohio, and Wabash in Southern Ontario
Kevin J. Holland
Rails to the Border - Volume 2 BRMNA $ 15.00
16 The pere Marquette and Chesapeake & Ohio in Southern Ontario
Jeff Holt
Trouble on The Tracks (Soft Cover) Railfare $ 29.95
12 Grand Trunk Railway of New England Tragedies
Jim Hope
Those Beautiful 'C' Liners LPD $ 6.99
12 A Photo Album of 'C' Liners in British Columbia
Timothy J. Horton
Canadian Rail Car Pictorial - Volume 09 Prairie Rail $ 24.95
15 Pacific Great Eastern/British Columbia Railway Boxcars (Part 1)
The Best of Mainline Modeler's Freight Cars - Vol 3 Phoenix Publishers $ 19.95
15 Reprints of articles from Mainline Modeler
Nils Huxtable
A World of Steam Steamscenes $ 24.95
16 A pictorial on steam engines the world over.
Nils Huxtable
Rocky Mountain Sunrise Huxtable $ 49.99
Nils Huxtable
Seasons of Steam Steamscenes $ 54.95
2 British Steam. Includes 2006 Calendar
Nils Huxtable and Tom Gildersleeve
Narrow Gauge . . . then and now Steamscenes $ 24.95
8 Colorado Narrow Gauge
Frederick and Dale Hyde & Sanders
The Milwaukee Road - Diesel Power MRHA $ 79.95
8 by the Milwaukee Road Historical Association

Authors - I
Title Publisher Price
Locn Description
Aaaron Isaacs
Trackside around the Twin Cities Morning Sun Books $ 74.98
14 with Joe Elliott 1968 - 1972

Authors - J
Title Publisher Price
Locn Description
Brian and Victor Jennison & Neves
Southern Pacific Sacramento Division Whiteriver $ 79.98
Terry Jessee
Building & Detailing Scale Model Trucks & Emergency Vehicles Kalmbach $ 18.65
Brian D. Johnson
Railway Country Key Porter books $ 39.95
8 Across Canada by Train
Bruce Jones
and they Walked Away MBI $ 31.98
5 Racing crashes
David Laurence Jones
Famous Name Trains Fifth House $ 29.95
12 Travelling in Style with the CPR - Soft Cover
David Laurence Jones
Famous Name Trains Fifth House $ 39.95
12 Travelling in Style with the CPR - Hard Cover
David Laurence Jones
Tales of the CPR Fifth House $ 39.95
12 Hard Cover.
James R. "Jim" Jones and Russ Collman
Sterling Colorado - Crossroads on the Prairie Sundance Books $ 79.95
5 A history of Sterling Colorado featuring the Burlington Route and the Union Pacific System
Frank W. Jordan
Chicago & Northwestern Railway 1975 - 1995 Photo Archive Iconografix $ 27.57
12 A Collection of Chicago & Northwestern Railway photographs.
Frank W. Jordan
Soo Line 1975 - 1992 Photo Archive Iconografix $ 42.49
9 A collection of Soo Line Photographs

Authors - K
Title Publisher Price
Locn Description
Kalmback Edited
Modeler's Guide to Realistic Painting and Finishing Kalmbach $ 17.79
Kalmback Edited
Practical Guide to HO Model Railroading Kalmbach $ 12.95
17 Wiring - Trackwork - Track Plans - Getting Started
Kalmback Edited
The Basics of Scale Modeling Kalmbach $ 19.98
20 Your quick start guide to constructing, painting , and finishing plastic models.
Edward S. Kaminiski
Pullman-Standard Freight Cars, 1900-1960 Signature Press $ 71.50
8 This book provides a survey of typical cars built by P_S during the 1900-1960 period.
Edward S. Kaminski
Tank Cars from American Car & Foundary Signature Press $ 72.50
11 American Car & Foundary Co., 1865 to 1955
Edward S. Kaminski
The Magor Car Corporation Signature Press $ 60.50
To order A pictorial history of the products produced by the Magor car corporation.
Duane Karam Jr.
BC Rail Freight Car Roster and Pictorial Various $ 32.99
10 Freight Cars Monograph #17
Jacques Kelly
Trackside Maryland - From Railyard to Main Line Greenberg $ 36.25
4 From Railyard to Main Line - pictures by James P. Gallagher
Jim Kelly
Trackside Scenes You Can Model Kalmbach $ 25.59
KR Modeling ideas and inspiration.
Bernard Kempinski
Mid-sized Track Plans for Realistic Layouts Kalmbach $ 23.95
KL 26 innovative model railroad track plans in Z, N, HO, O and G scales.
Bernard Kempinski
The Model Railroader's guide to Steel Mills Kalmbach $ 24.15
17 A concise guide to the steel industry, past and present.
James W. Kerr
Illustrated Treasury of MLW - ALCO to BOMBARDIER Locomotives DPA Ltd. $ 30.00
2 Illustrated Treasury of MLW - ALCO to BOMBARDIER Locomotives - USED
James W. Kerr
Illustrated Treasury of Modern Freight Cars of North America DPA-LTA $ 19.95
8 220 Larg Format Builders photos
James Kinkaid
Missouri Pacific Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment Morning Sun Books $ 75.98
James Kinkaid
Pullman-Standard Color Guide to Freight Equipment Morning Sun Books $ 69.50
14 The decade of Color: 1960-1970
James Kinkaid
Southern Pacific Vol 3 Morning Sun Books $ 71.98
14 Color Guide to freight and Passenger Equipment
Benjamin F.G. Kline
The Heilser Locomotive 1891 - 1941 Kline $ 150.00
MC Jacket covered with Archival quality cover.
Michael Koch - NEW -
Steam & Thunder In The Timber World Press $ 175.00
MC Saga of the Forest Railroads - # 5568. Good Condition
Tony Koester
Designing & Building Multi-Deck Model Railroads Kalmbach $ 21.95
17 How to get more out of your space.
Tony Koester
Planning Scenery for you Model Railroad Kalmbach $ 26.35
KL How to use nature fro modeling realism.
Tony Koester
Realistic Model Railroad Building Blocks Kalmbach $ 20.98
KL An introduction to Layout Design Elements
Tony Koester
Realistic Model Railroad Design Kalmbach $ 23.35
KL Your step by step guide to creating a unique operating layout.
Tony Koester
Realistic Model Railroad Operation Kalmbach $ 21.98
KR How to run your trains like the real thing.
Tony Koester
The AlleghenyMidland Kalmbach $ 24.15
SC Lessons Learned
Tony Koester
The Model Railroader's Guide to Coal Railroading Kalmbach $ 23.35
William R. Kuebler, Jr.
The Vista Dome North Coast Limited OSO $ 86.45
8 The Story of the Northern Pacific Railway's Famous Domeliner


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